America's contest process over the next a few months

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America's contest process over the next a few months

HOUSTON --- Before the start of USA Basketball training camp, Jeff Vehicle Gundy is encased at the dining room table with a small heap of play sheets and binders. He's pushing play, rewind and play again on his laptop. He is marveling over the genius of Esteban Batista of Uruguay. It gives him a compare in his stomach again, and God he missed it anxiously.

"Watch him now, watch Batista, inch Vehicle Gundy says. "No one posts up anymore, but he still does. Watch this, every time: He will always drive, spin and step through. I don't care which way he starts. He's driving. He's re-writing. And then he's stepping through. Over, and over, and over.

"Our second game of the contest: Uruguay in Uruguay. I go to bed thinking about Esteban Batista, inch Vehicle Gundy said, banging his head, pressing temporarily stop and starting all over again.

He's been lost in Central and South america basketball, because that's all that he has had for the past two months. He's the coach of the USA Basketball World Cup getting qualification team, which is responsible for delivering Gregg Popovich and the Senior National team to the 2019 World Cup in China. No more does an Olympic gold medal deliver an automatic berth in the world Cup, so off Vehicle Gundy goes to qualify Team USA in this America's contest process over the next a few months.

Vehicle Gundy knows only one existence as a coach, and that is total immersion. He's studied the precision performance of FIBA Basketball, the adidas basketball jerseys  innovativeness of the coaching and the continuity of national team personnel. He's studied the contact away from the ball, the clutching and grabbing and struggle for space on offense. He's studied the reasons USA teams have won, and studied nearer the ways that they've lost games and tourneys. He's studied every one of USA Basketball's 50 losses since 1990, from the lowest to highest numbers of the program, searching for the common denominators.

Jeff Vehicle Gundy has studied everything available to him to understand what awaits him and the NBA Development Little league players in these coming FIBA qualifying events. Yes, he's studied everything and come to a conclusion.

"I told myself, 'You better get your s--- together and not f--- this up, inch Vehicle Gundy said.

"You better be ready. inch

Vehicle Gundy has been out of coaching since leaving the Houston Rockets a decade ago. For years, he didn't want to uproot his family and leave Houston, turning down NBA and major college offers. For the past few years, he's been more open to the idea of the NBA -- not college -- but the right job has never come along for him. He loves his ESPN television life. Yet now, Vehicle Gundy has a team again and there's a part of him awakened: all the adrenaline, and all the angst.

Across 10-plus months as a head coach with the new York Knicks and Rockets, he was 430-319. He won forty four playoff games. Among his peers, he's still held in uncommon reverence. Most consider his practices, preparation and game coaching among the best in his profession. For USA basketball, this made him an overwhelming choice for this job -- despite the fact that he stephen curry jersey  previously no experience with FIBA basketball.

To USA Basketball, Vehicle Gundy sorted an immense problem. FIBA had moved its getting qualification tourneys out of the summer and wholesale basketball jerseys  into the traditional basketball season. Essentially, the You. S. needed to find a coach without a team to train pro players without NBA jobs. They needed someone out of coaching, yes, but not out of importance.