SO many hits that it took the server down!

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SO many hits that it took the server down!

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Since I started, this website has certainly created a lot of interest within audio/techno/communications/computer community.  As a matter of fact, Monday (12/8/08) my website recieved so many hits, that it exceeded my hosting server's bandwidth & resources.  It was 200 times the normal traffic. This unprecidented amount of hits caused my hosting server to lock-up, and many of you recieved a "Bandwidth Exceeded" error.

As a result of all these hits, my hosting company dropped me.  Just like that.  They were concerened that their other customers would be adversely effected if their server continued to get slammed due to the traffic on my website.

I am now using a new hosting company with better server resources.  And, (fingers-crossed) it shouldn't go down again.

Many thanks to everyone spreading the word about  Whether it be through forums, newsgroups, blogs, or word of mouth.  It's people like you who make this site happen...and the reason for it.
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